As soon as BMX dirt final was finished, the machinery rolled in, shovels and hoses came out and TJ Lavin and crew transformed the first hit into the Alli Rideshop BMX Dirt Big Air competition.

With $5,000 on the line, the guys came out to throw down on the massive jump, and the crowds stuck around to watch it all go down.

The field of riders included Brett Banasiewicz, Kyle Baldock, Zack Warden, Jaie Toohey, Rob Armour and Andy Buckworth and they were going for broke wtih each and every trick.

Highlights of the 30-minute jam included Toohey's flip triple whip and Armour's nothing to double tailwhip.

Banasiewicz was throwing down hard with a 720 X-up and his signature cash roll that got the fans screaming.

The one guy that was putting it all on the line each and every time was Baldock, who even attempted a double back flip. You could see the determination in him each time he dropped in. It was Baldock's 360 double downside tailwhip to opposite double tailwhip that took the win in the end.

"I've been practicing them a long time at the Unit and I can't thank my sponsors enough for supporting me," Baldock said. "To be here is crazy enough, but to win is amazing."

Kyle Baldock

Brett Banasiewicz – Superman Seatgrab Indian

Jaie Toohey

Rob Armour

Andy Buckworth

Brett Banasiewicz