After more than half of a decade’s worth of a hiatus, BMX Dirt was revived at X Games Brazil and Kyle Baldock was riding the best on the jumps this past weekend which earned him the first gold medal awarded in dirt for the past seven years at X Games – Baldock attained another gold medal in BMX Park prior to the dirt competition. Coming in hot on his heels was Brandon Dosch, second place, and Ryan Nyquist, third place, both with explosive runs right out of the gate on their first and second runs. Look down below to watch Baldock’s best run on the dirt and to see the list of results. For more information from the event, read the article posted on


1st Place – Kyle Baldock 92.00

2nd Place – Brandon Dosch 91.00

3rd Place – Ryan Nyquist 90.66

4th Place – Ben Wallace 90.66

5th Place – TJ Ellis 90.33

6th Place – Mike Clark 89.33

7th Place – Luke Parslow 89.00

8th Place – Chris Doyle 87.33