Over a foot of new snow greeted competitors at the Ride Shakedown held this weekend at Washington's Summit at Snoqualmie. Stormy conditions brought an added challenge to the snowboard big air and rail jam held for the first time in the U.S.

Canadian Matts Kulesik took home top honors for the men with a frontside 9 tailgrab off the jump and a halfcab 180 fifty-fifty on the down rail. Manuel Diaz of Chile was second and E-Man Anderson, of Canada was third.


Andreas Gidlund – Switch back 7

Dew Tour athlete Megan Ginter won it for the ladies with backside 360 on the jump and a bunk transfer on the totem pole. Ginter, of Carnation, Wash., narrowly missed the Dew Tour podium at the Toyota Championship in Mount Snow for her solid slopestyle skills. Fellow Dew Tour rider Hana Beaman of Salt Lake City placed second and Megan Whiteside of Boulder, Colo. was third.


Tim Humphreys

Other notable Dew Tour athletes in the Shakedown include top-ten finishers Yale Cousino (7) and Tim Humphries (10) as well as Nick Poohachof. Next month the competition heads to Quebec for the Ride Shakedown at Canada's Mont Saint Saveur, held April 2-3.

The winners of the rail jam contest were Austin Hironaka and Isabelle Lalive.

Ride Shakedown Rail Jam 2010 By: George Crosland

Brandon Reis on the close outAustin Hironaka with his winning trick, a Miller flip with a tailgrab. Austin, Sam Hulbert and Forest Bailey were the three lucky males that got into the final event which was basically 3 tries, best rick takes it allSam Hulbert was one of the 3 finalistsZak HaleWomens winner Isabele LaliveWinners, local ripper Austin Hironaka and Isabelle LaliveAndreas Gidlund - Switch back 7Third place Shakedown finisher E-man does a switch back 9Event winner Matts Kulesik half cab to 50/50Dew Tour Athlete Megan Ginter won the womens side of Ride Shakedown at Summit at Snowqualmie, Washington Podium, l-r, Manuel Diaz, Hana Beaman, Matts Kulesik, Megan Ginter, Megan Whiteside and E-manDew Tour Athlete Tim Humphries