It’s no surprise we’ve seen huge talent coming from our Epic Skatepark contests. Afterall, the kids who skate there regularly have an amazing park to practice in. Even skaters like Nyjah Huston have worked on perfecting their contest runs here.

Skate Street

Everyone in the open division was absolutely killing it. Incredible skating from the whole field made things tough, but it was Kenny Prattico who the judges decided to award the top spot to.  Kenny landed a frontside big spin down the Carlsbad gap, a tail slide 270 out down the hubba, and a feeble grind 360 out on the ledge.  A feeble 360 out, if you don't already know, is completely insane! That is more like a video part ender trick than a contest trick.

Kenny Prattico

"There were so many kids that skated so well today,” Prattico said. “I can't believe I won. I'm looking forward to finals."

Epic team rider Brent Bell placed in second, but staked his own claim for the top spot.  Brent landed a back lip on the 4 stair, gapped the Carlsbad gap to crooked grind on the rail, and tray flipped to lip slide the 4 stair hand rail.

Brent Bell

In 3rd was Kallen Matlock, who dropped a nollie inward heel flip down the Carlsbad gap.  Not only is this a good-sized gap, that’s such a hard trick. Kallen also over crooked the 8 stair hand rail and kick flipped front board the 4 stair hand rail.

Open division top 3

Junior Jam

The junior group really showed everybody that age is irrelevant when it comes to how good you can be.  One such skater, Austin Guetierrez, ripped the contest and landed first place.  Austin front lip slid down the hubba ledge, which was one of the better tricks done on it all day. He also gapped to front board on the Carlsbad rail, one of the hardest features to skate at Epic.  Proving he’s ready to step to it up to the Open Division next time, the Epic team rider rightfully took his place atop the podium.

Austin Gutierrez

Junior Jam top 3