Kelvin Hoefler edged out Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez to take the first Dew Tour skateboard street contest to be held here in Chicago at Grant Park Skate Plaza.

Not only was this the first time that Dew Tour held a skate competition in Chicago, it was also the first Dew Tour street event to be held at a public skatepark. There were modifications made to the park specifically for Dew Tour, but the majority of the street course was the was same park that anyone can skate if they live in or visit the city of Chicago. The format was simple, The skaters had 7 minute sessions in three different zones of the park. The first zone consisted of a bump to flat rail/bump to flat, plus a series of ledges and smaller rails on the west side of the park. The focus of the second section was a pyramid on the east side with lots of of options: hubba on the side, round bar in the middle and a ledge on the other side. Zone three was the big eight-stair in the park with hubbas on each side and a round bar in the middle. The scores from each zone were averaged together to determine the winner. Consistent skateboarding – as well as trick difficulty – were definitely keys, as it took good scores in each zone to get on the podium.

Kelvin Hoefler was very consistent throughout the contest, rarely falling and earning the top score in each of the three zones. He took top honors with tricks like switch back tail to fakie, kickflip back lip on the big rail, kickflip nose grind to fakie and much more.

"To win on Go Skateboarding Day is the best,” Hoefler said. “And the park is amazing.”

Yesterday, Lopez and Majerus finished second and third. Today they flipped podium spots.

Joining Hoefler on the podium were two faimilar faces – Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez. One day after finishing on the podium in streetstyle, they both returned there today.

Majerus finished second after landing what he called “the usual tricks,” including a kickflip crooked, kickflip to grind, cab back tail and front feeble. Louie Lopez grabbed third place thanks to a strong showing in the final jam session in Zone 3.

Chicago's own Chaz Ortiz had a strong showing in the first two zones and was looking like a good bet for a podium spot until Lopez edged him out after the final zone. Chaz still finished inside the top five, just behind fourth-place Cody McEntire, who was also looking very strong.

“It was sick. Unbelievable,” Majerus said. “I can’t believe I podiumed in both events, I couldn't be happier. The park is sick, this would be the best local park ever."

Majerus was not alone in that opinion. The skaters liked the course, as they should. Grant Park Skate Plaza is pretty amazing, and all in all, it was a great spot for Dew Tour street.



1. Kelvin Hoefler, 90.75
2. Alec Majerus, 87.67
3. Louie Lopez, 84.33
4. Cody McEntire, 82.67
5. Chaz Ortiz, 81.83
6. Tommy Fynn, 76.17
7. Greg Lutzka, 64.92
8. Manny Santiago, 64.67
9. Theotis Beasley, 54.75
10. Nick Tucker, 48.76