Kelvin Hoefler’s recent tear continued, as he won his third Dew Tour event in 2015 on the muy bueno skateboard streetstyle course in downtown Los Angeles. Trevor Colden and Ryan Decenzo rounded out the podium.

Dew Tour has pioneered the modern "streetstyle" genre of contest skateboarding. Essentially, streestyle places street obstacles on real city streets. To add some extra thrill to the contest, today’s street had a nice downhill slope to it. Back in the day, skateboard contests were simply a set of jenky jump ramps and curbs placed in a street or parking lot. Somewhere along the way, street contest venues have become smooth pieces of perfection, which does not represent the streets you or I skate on. The Dew Tour has taken that old original street contest vibe, updated it and put it on a downhill street to create a seriously fun contest.

Broadway Street – which is located in downtown Los Angeles, right in front of city hall – had the perfect gradient for the event. Skaters could get all the speed they needed, but they didn’t need to expend a ton of energy speed-checking, as the course had a good flow to it.

Everyone in the event was ripping. Three-time street style Dew Tour champion Ryan Sheckler was crushing it, as always. Not satisfied with half-assing anything, Ryan had his runs fully dialed but could not make a massive kickflip off the shipping container near the end of the course in his final runs, which paved the way for a brand new streetstyle winner.

Plenty others impressed too. Pedro Barros showed he was an all-terrain master. Milton Martinez – who ended up fifth – brought his casual-looking speed and style and was looking like a contender. Louie Lopez – who finished fourth – is a quiet killer, looking so smooth you don't even see him coming. Leo Romero, David Gonzalez, Ben Raybourn – dang, everyone was rad.

Canadian powerhouse Ryan Decenzo was firing on all cylinders. Ryan goes big, has a ton of technical tricks and can skate everything. Basically it came down to who could make it down the course and rip off the last obstacle. Ryan ripped a clean frontside 360 off the last obstacle to help get him into third.

“It was a raw course – there were cracks, it was rough, the stuff they built was gnarly, and you had to go fast,” Decenzo said. “It was a lot of fun though. For me it was the perfect steepness, you could just do a couple power-slides throughout the course.”

Trevor Colden won the streetstyle event last fall in Brooklyn and adapted that skill set to the steeper course in Los Angeles. Again, it came down to the last obstacle – the last stairset was pretty steep and separated a podium spot from a non-podium spot. Trevor's whole run was on point, then he nailed the last section and bumped himself up into second place.

"It was good, a really fun-ass course,” Trevor said. “Everyone was killing it, but I got second.”

Then there was Kelvin. Kelvin likes his obstacles big, so he probably felt right at home. He was so comfortable, in fact, that he won it with his first of three runs.

“[The course] was sick,” Kelvin said. “It was pretty amazing.”

Overall, there was a lot of great skateboarding on display from everyone today. Now if only the weather were a little cooler, but hey, it's skateboarding. We all will endure the heat to skate.



1. Kelvin Hoefler, 88.25
2. Trevor Colden, 86.50
3. Ryan Decenzo, 86.25
4. Louie Lopez, 83.00
5. Milton Martinez, 82.75
6. Ryan Sheckler, 81.25
7. Alec Majerus, 78.25
8. Leo Romero, 78.25
9. David Gonzalez, 78.00
10. Tommy Fynn, 75.25
11. Pedro Barros, 73.00
12. Ben Raybourn, 69.75
13. Chris Gregson, 69.50
14. Greg Lutzka, 65.25
15. Nick Merlino, 63.50