Kelly Clark dominated her competition in today's Women's Snowboard Superpipe Prelims by landing tricks that included a solid 9 grab, a front 7 tail grab and an inverted switch frontside 7 which earned her the leading score of 97.00. Toyota's Elena Hight finished in second and Spain's Queralt Castellet rounded out the top three in third.

On the men's side, Greg Bretz claimed first by earning a 94.50 after landing a double cork 1080, a switch frontside 1080 and back-to-back inverted 9's. Scotty Lago and Ilkka-Eemeli Laari finsihed second and third respectively.   

The top five finishers for women will join 2009-10 Dew Cup Champion Kaitlyn Farrington, and the top 10 finishers for men will join 2009-10 Dew Cup Champion JJ Thomas and second place year-end finisher Steve Fisher for tomorrow's Snowboard Superpipe Finals – LIVE on NBC from 2:30pm to 4pm EST.

Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Prelims Results
1. Kelly Clark          97.00   
2. Elena Hight          87.00
3. Queralt Castellet    85.75
4. Soko Yamaoka 81.00
5. Sophie Rodriguez     73.50   

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Prelims Results
1.      Greg Bretz                   94.50
2.      Scotty Lago                  85.50
3.      Ilkka-Eemeli Laari       82.50
4.      Luke Mitrani               80.00
5.      Kazuhiro Kokubo         69.50
6.      Christian Haller           68.50
7.      Mason Aguirre            62.50
8.      Trevor Jacob               59.75
9.      Matt Ladley                 55.75
10.     Louie Vito                    53.25