The skate street course in EnergySolutions Arena was buzzing with action tonight during Prelims. Ke’chaud Johnson dominated the competition, landing a switch back 50-50 on the big hubba, a nollie nosegrind on the big rail, a kickflip backside lipslide on the bump to rail and a 270 frontside lipslide on the bump to rail. Taylor Bingaman, Kurtis Colamonico, Rodolfo Ramos, Andrew Pott, Dalton Dern and Milton Martinez also qualified to compete in tomorrow’s Semi-Finals at 5:30p.m. MT.

1. Ke’chaud Johnson -82.25
2. Taylor Bingaman – 81.00
3. Kurtis Colamonico – 78.50
4. Rodolfo Ramos – 78.50
5. Andrew Pott – 76.00
6. Dalton Dern – 75.50
7. Milton Martinez – 72.25

Click the link for the full results from Skate Street Prelims.

Ke’chaud Johnson

Taylor Bingaman

Kurtis Colamonico

Rodolfo Ramos

Andrew Pott

Dalton Dern

Milton Martinez

Theotis Beasley