Kaya Turski won the women’s freeski slope title with her score of 93.75, increasing her lead by one point in her second run at the Toyota Championships on Sunday, and she also took home the Dew Cup. This was the first year for a Dew Cup in women’s freeski pipe.

Turski is on a hot streak after winning the X Games and the last stop of the Dew Tour. It’s not suprising, with a winning run that consisted of switch 2 onto the flat box, gap blind swap on the flat down, blind swap on the A-Frame rail, into a blunt 450 off the cannon. For the jumps, she started wtih a switch 720 high mute into a switch 5 Japan.

"I'm training really hard,” Turski said. “The opportunity of us being in the Olympics is really huge for me. I'm very excited to go and represent Canada in 2014."

Second place went to Australian Anna Segal, who scored a 90.75 on her final run and pulled of her first cork 9 without ever attemping one.

Her run went like this: transfer from down rail into down box, back switchup on the up down rail, back 270 out grab on up cannon, right 7 safety on first jump and left cork 9 mute on second.

“I’m really excited to be up on the podium with Devin and Kaya,” Segal said. “Those girls are so progressive and so solid. At X Games, Devin beat me, so it was kind of cool to one-up her on this one. Especially since she already won the pipe. She’s had her fun.”

Devin Logan – who won the Dew Cup and the competition for women’s freeski pipe yesterday evening – podiumed again today with a third-place-finish after her first-run-score of 89.00.

“Devin really gave it her all, she's keeping me on my toes,” Turski said. “All the girls are really skiing well these days. The level is definitely being pushed. So it's really exciting being up there and dropping in, you really have to bring your A Game, and that's what I did.”

Devin’s started her higher scoring run with a switch on to up gap down box, to blind 270 out of the up down rail, to 180 safety grab out of the cannon. She hit up the jumps with a switch 5 mute on the first into a cork 7 tailgrab on the last.

She was also in contention for the Cup in slope, but after such a solid season, she had no regrets.

“I was just so happy with yesterday, I just wanted to come in today and have fun and that's what I did,” Logan said. “Just getting another podium is awesome in my eyes. I'm not upset that I got third at all, I'm actually really happy with how I skied.”

1. Kaya Turski, 93.75
2. Anna Segal, 90.75
3. Devin Logan, 89.00
4. Emilia Wint, 82.00
5. Keri Herman, 77.00
6. Ashley Battersby, 71.75

Kaya Turski

Anna Segal

Devin Logan

Emilia Wint

Keri Herman

Ashley Battersby