By Brendan Vail

The BMX Vert competition brought out riders from all age groups, the oldest being 42 year old Dennis McCoy who can ride like those half his age pulling flairs, stylish can-cans, and even a 540 barspin to 540 on the next wall. The younger riders were killing it as well with riders like Zach Warden sticking a bar spin to tailwhip, double tailwhip, as well as the bikeflip a very hard maneuver that Warden pulled with ease and got him into 3rd. 

Chad Kagy showed everyone that he is still on top of his game with a super high flair right after dropping in on the ramp, flair tailwhips, and a wild one footed seat grab barspin that landed him first place. Fourth place was taken by Jimmy Walker, another vert veteran who showed his skills by floating big opposite airs, seatgrab 540’s, and barspin variations like bar to table and bar to turndown. Eighth place went to veteran rider and Colorado native Jay Eggleston who was pulling classic moves like candybars, can can lookbacks, and spinning 540 turndowns.


Francisco Zurita was riding a matching checkerboard frame and helmet while blasting out of the ramp kicking double tailwhips that landed him seventh place. 

Jorge Jovel made his way from the east coast to do tabetop flairs as well as many other varitions along the ramp. Kevin Robinson got himself into second place with a alley-oop flair, back to back flairs, and a no handed flair. 

The top seven from today’s prelims advance to meet Bestwick, McCann, and Tabron in the finals. The finals start at 7pm on Saturday, so check back to see how the veterans compare against the new breed of riders.

Jorge Jovel Dropnose 540


Chad Kagy Flair Whip

Chad Kagy Seat Barspin

Chad Kagy One Hand One Foot

Koji Kraft One Hander

Koji Kraft Superman Seat Grab

Kevin Robinson Tabletop

Jimmy Walker Tail Whip

Zackery Warden Tail Whip

Francisco Zurita Table Top

Francisco Zurita Tail Whip

Francisco Zurita Tail Whip !!