Last Chance Qualifiers for Skate Vert were held this afternoon with competitors bringing their top game to make it into the Semi-Finals. Josh Stafford finished first with a second heat run that started with a boneless and included a 540, three consecutive flip tricks and an alley-oop invert. Sam Beckett, Renton Millar, Anthony Furlong and Neal Hendrix also qualified to compete in tomorrow's Semi-Finals at 12:30pm. MT.

1. Josh Stafford – 78.25
2. Sam Beckett – 77.75
3. Renton Millar – 76.25
4. Anthony Furlong – 75.75
5. Neal Hendrix – 75.75

For the full list of skateboard vert qualifier results, click here.

Josh Stafford – 1st Place

Sam Beckett – 2nd Place

Renton Millar – 3rd Place

Anthony Furlong – 4th Place

Neal Hendrix – 5th Place