BMX Park competition got started Thursday with a packed field of 56 riders. Over two heats, Josh Harrington, Brandon Dosch, and William Thompson came out at the top. The top 13 move on to Friday’s Prelims. Check results after the photos.

Andrew may be the first guy to do hand plant back flips over a spine. Out of probably 15 of these he did today he only missed one. Dialed!

Brandon Christie is one of only 3 people to do 1080’s in competion. Brandon only missed the cut by 2 spots. expect more from him in the near future.

Brandon Dosch flowed better than all and thew in 360 double whips and stylish nose dive 3’s to the judges delight. You’ll see Dosch in both Dirt and Park prelims.

Brett Banasiewicz–known to many as Maddog—is only 14, which is half the age of many of the guys he was riding against. Maddog placed 5th today with flairwhips, big downside whips and flow that makes the 8th grade girls in his class giddy. This kid will makes some waves on the Dew Tour this year for sure.

Harry Main made the trip from the UK and did not disappoint. Big tricks like this tuck 360 no hander over the spine helped him make it to the prelims.

Hector Restrepo is new to US comps and even though he didn’t make the cut he stoked a lot of people with back flip candy bars over the box and bar hops over the spine. 1998 Matt Hoffman is stoked!

Mark Webb has been putting out AMAZING web videos the past year but some questioned if he could put together a full competition run. He answered that question with a 6th place finish in OQ. LOOK OUT!

Matt Sparks has been pushing the limits and making up his own tricks for years. A few bobbles kept him out of the top 13 but this invert flair photo was pretty sweet so we figured it should be seen.

Will Thompson has a cute girlfriend and does allyoop whips on the 10 foot 1/4 that would make Jamie Bestwick proud. Will’s top 3 standing is sure to be the first of many.

Josh Harrington, Eric Vasquez, Koji Kraft, Josh Perry, and Todd Meyn all deserve a mention. These guys all killed it and stood out from the crowd. If you see any of these guys around give them a high five for their efforts.



1. Josh Harrrington

2. Brandon Dosch

3. William Thompson

4. Josh Perry

5. Brett Banasiewicz

6. Mark Webb

7. Andrew Buckworth

8. Harry Main

9. Dave Dillewaard

10. Patrick Laughlin

11. Glenn Salyers

12. Jeremiah Smith

13. Jaie Toohey