The skate park final at the Skate Open, ISF Skateboarding World Championships was, well, nutty. I mean, the whole event was out of control. Heat after heat of some of the best skaters tearing up the course. With all that going on, we understand that you might have missed some of the highlights.

So, the fine folks at Transworld Skateboarding decided to team up with the Dew Tour to help everyone’s brains out with a Best Trick contest. No frantic sprints across the course, no near collisions (although did anyone else see Decenzo almost land on Cole’s head during the jam earlier that day?!), just one Celtics Gap and twenty minutes for guys to try out some tricks. Fun for the skaters and the audience? Why yes!

Twelve guys were selected to take part in this little show-down, and they tried everything. Literally, everything: Chris Cole even managed to find a basketball. In the end Jordan Hoffart came out on top with a big spin heelflip boardslide to fakie over the Celtics Gap. Lucky Jordan got to leave with $5,000 bucks for his efforts.

He wasn’t the only highlight: Fabrizio Santos pulled a cab back flip to fakie out of his trick arsenal and Rodolfo Ramos added to the contest with a 180 to switch 50 grind and a 180 out the wrong way. Milton Martinez's attempted a nollie backside big spin.

A five-minute video piece fromTransworld Skateboarding Best Trick contest is posted below courtesy of Transworld Skateboarding .