For the first time at the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, Maryland the gritty skills of street skaters were showcased to the fans on the sand illustrating how modern-day skating has evolved the sport while maintaining its roots in the streets.

The Skate Street Session took place on Dew Tour's nine-stair set with hubba ledges running along each side as well as a rail down the center. The invited skaters congregated at the top of the set and preceded to skate in an organized 30-minute jam scored on overall impression. Three skaters were scored and ranked with an additional award for the single best trick pulled during the jam.

Considering this was the first skate street event included at Dew Tour Beach Championships, the crowd couldn't have been more stoked to watch some of the insane street skills laid down live for them.

Jordan Hill 5-0 down the rail. 

Right out of the gate, all eyes turned to Garrett Hill as he quickly came up with a 360 flip 5-0 on the hubba ledge, but that was just the beginning of the madness. When asked about in insane trick Hill pulled right in the beginning Hill said “I was so relieved because always that’s the trick that I’m weary about. I need to land taht if I hope to do good at all. So once that gets made, I really star have fun.” 

In the end the overall award was given to Jordan Hoffart for throwing down an insane amount of technical tricks – Hofart was definitely feeling it and on point. For the Best Trick award Hill's 360 flip 5-0 on the hubba held true till the very end.

Jordan Hoffart crooked grind down the hubba. 

Hill commented on Hoffart’s best trick saying “That was incredible, just incredible. And you know whats rad about skating though? Your always rooting for your friends. It’s not a contest where you get bummed out and get really competitive. You try to be supportive and you use it, you get stoked on what other people are doing and it makes you step your game up too. Its amazing.”

When asked about the contest and the location all skaters involved were stoked. “Its amazing, your on the beach, you can skate the location then go jup in the water” said Hoffart. He then went on “I’ve never been here before, the people are awesome, the venue itsle is just like one of a kind. It’s just like the stuff you dream about.” Hill then added “Honestly, I’ve never skated a cooler contest at this kind of location, I’ve never skated a contest on the beach. The weather is hot but it’s rad, its just an amazing place. I’m really hyped to have skated it, and the course was fun too.”

Garrett Hill (left) won Best Trick while Jordan Hoffart took the overall win

Be sure to check back shortly for a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and video recap of the session!


1st Place – Jordan Hoffart

Best Trick – Garrett Hill – 360 Flip 5-0 down the hubba ledge