Maude Raymond threw down a solid run to earn the top qualifying spot in women’s ski slopestyle here at the Dew Tour Pantech Invitational in Killington, Vermont. In the rail section Maude threw down back to back railslides into a railslide disaster grab, followed by a left 360, left cork 540, finished with a huge left 360 japan grab. The top eight competitors from today’s qualifier advance to Saturday’s semi-finals for a chance to compete against the best in Sunday’s finals.

Women’s Results:
1. Maude Raymond 86.33
2. Eveline Bhend 81.67
3. Eva-Maria Patscheider 66.00
4. Maria Bagge 60.33
5. Nina Rusten Andersen 54.67
6. Rose Battersby 34.50
7. Emma Whitman 23.33
8. Jackie Kling DNS

 With a talented field of 24 skiers in the men’s slope Last Chance Qualifier, the competition was intense with only the top 11 advancing to tomorrow’s Semi-Final. Vermont local John Strenio took the top spot with his score of 85.00. Check back for full recap and photos.

Men’s Results:
1. John Strenio 85.00
2. Henrik Harlaut 82.17
3. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 80.83
4. Vincent Gagnier 76.17
5. Willie Borm 74.83
6. Jossi Wells 72.67
7. Cody Ling 72.00
8. Matt Walker 69.33
9. Tim McChesney 68.17
10. Robert Franco 67.83
11. Alex Bellemare 67.00

Eva Maria Patscheider
Eva Maria Patscheider

Jackie Kling
Jackie Kling

Maude Raymon
Maude Raymond

Eveline Bhend
Eveline Bhend

Nina Rusten Anderson
Nina Rusten Anderson

Emma Whitman
Emma Whitman

Rosa Battersby
Rosa Battersby

Maria Bagge
Rosa Battersby

 Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Qualifiers

Women’s Freeski Slopestyle Qualifiers

John Strenio

Henrik Harlaut

Vincent Gagnier

Willie Borm

Jossi Wells

Cody Ling

Matt Walker

Tim McChesney

Robert Franco

Alex Bellemare