John Parker Qualifies First in BMX Vert LCQ’s

John Parker placed first in the BMX Vert Last Chance Qualifiers with an 88.00. His run was full of flairs and barspins and included an alley-oop tailwhip, and a barspin to can-can. Joe Taberna, Nick DiGerolma, Zachary Newman and Craig Mast also qualified to compete in tomorrow’s Semi-Finals at 4 p.m. MT.

1. John Parker – 88.00
2. Joe Taberna – 86.00
3. Nick DiGerolma – 85.63
4. Zachary Newman – 84.75
5. Craig Mast – 84.75

Click the link for the full list of results from BMX Vert Last Chance Qualifiers.

John Parker – No Hander – 1st Place

Joe Taberna – 540 – 2nd Place

Nick DiGerolma – Flair – 3rd Place

Zach Newman – Cancan – 4th Place

Craig Mast – Invert – 5th Place


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