Jamie Bestwick is now holding onto an 8-peat title on the X Games Vert ramp with his most recent medal coming from the Barcelona, Spain stop. Today was another opportunity for Bestwick to prove his ability on an international stage, proving once again why he is ranked the best with respect to the vert ramp. However, both Simon Tabron, second, and Vince Byron, third, have shown their hunger for the top spot and regardless of where they are competing they are right on his heels. For now, they will have to remain hungry and look forward to their next chance to best Bestwick on the vert ramp at Dew Tour June 20-23. For more information on how this event unfolded check out XGames.com, but before you go watch Bestwick’s winning run and the results below.


1st Place – Jamie Bestwick 91.00

2nd Place – Simon Tabron 91.00

3rd Place – Vince Byron 90.33

4th Place – Chad Kagy 90.33

5th Place – Coco Zurita 88.66

6th Place – Steve McCann 88.66

7th Place – Dennis McCoy 88.00

8th Place – Austin Coleman 85.00

9th Place – Mykel Larrin 83.66

10th Place – Zack Warden 82.23