The top six made their return to BMX Vert Finals Round 2 today, each determined to take the Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championship title.

Ocean City was just treated to a show unlike any other and the beach front vert ramp was nearly torn to pieces by the six vert finalists. Jamie Bestwick came into Ocean City feeling a little rusty on the vert ramp due to a lack of practice with his busy schedule but that is no excuse for a seven time Dew Tour Champion. Bestwick knows what it takes to win and didn't hesitate to let the big tricks fly. Huge alley oop 540's, opposite flairs, fastplant flairs and flair downside whips all played a role in putting Jamie in the top spot with a 92.75 and his eighth Dew Tour Vert win. Never one to disappoint, he just came out and did what he does best. "I don't know where that third run came from but I just wanted to put something on the board so I didn't leave Ocean City without putting down a run. Hat's off to Vince tonight, he was my champion," said Bestwick.

Tonight was proof that Vince Byron has been behind the scenes putting in some work on the vert ramp. With one stop to prove himself, he brought out the first-ever 540 superman seat grab which is a trick that has never seen the light of day until today as the sun was setting over Ocean City. Vince explained, "To bring a new trick like that to the vert ramp makes me so stoked. Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better final." That just goes to show that Vince is going to be a part of the vert riding family for years to come and help pave the way for younger riders
well into the future.

Simon Tabron turned some heads tonight and let everyone know that he means business by laying down a solid run with an alley-oop 540, a no-handed 540 and more, which gave him the top spot leading into the finals. With the pressure on, he knew that it all came down to the final run so on his last wall he let the 900 fly but barely missed it leaving him to rely on his previous score which landed him in the third place spot. Tabron loves to ride and it shows anytime he steps on the ramp. "I am pretty proud of my five friends; we all rode our hearts out and it makes me feel happy to be a BMX rider," said Tabron.

In case you missed the BMX action on the vert ramp, check out the highlights online HERE. Check back right here shortly for a full recap and photos of all the BMX Vert Finals action that went down at the Pantech Beach Championship.


1st Place – Jamie Bestwick

2nd Place – Vince Byron

3rd Place – Simon Tabron

4th Place – Steven McCann

5th Place – Chad Kagy

6th Place – Francisco Zurita