A few rain delays throughout the day pushed the BMX vert finals back to an evening event under the lights, and the crowd hung in there and came out in droves along Ocean City's beach to watch the action. Without fail, it was six-time Dew Cup winner Jamie Bestwick who landed on top of the podium.

He stayed smooth and went high on every run, maxing out every air and every variation with his signature style. But his most recent Dew Cup was hard earned last October after competing in Vegas at the Championships with a hurt back.

Jamie Bestwick – 1 Hand 1 Foot – 1st Place

"I've had a really rough winter this year," Bestwick said. "I honestly have to be grateful to so many people right now for me to be back on my bike. They put me back together piece by piece and I got taught a very big lesson in humility this year. I'm just thankful that I can get up in the morning and ride my bike and put together runs like that. Because that's what I live for."

Chad Kagy – Superman Indian Seat Grab – 2nd Place

Chad Kagy had the lead at one point, and he put up his usual fight against Bestwick to take the win. If anyone can put the pressure on Bestwick, it's Kagy, who won the Championships in Vegas while Bestwick took the overall. He scored 92.13 to Bestwick's 93.75.

Simon Tabron also had the lead at one point until Kagy took it away, so it was definitely a game changer as each guy dropped in throughout the 10-man final. Tabron finished on the podium with a score of 92.00 in third.

Other highlights included Steven McCann's airs that just keep getting bigger and bigger each season. Vince Byron's bag of tricks and Coco Zurita's amazing style and amplitude. That's a wrap for the Pantech Open, and next month the Dew Tour travels to Oregon for the Portland Invitational.

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Kagy, Tabron, Bestwick – Pre-Comp

Vert Ramp Overview

Simon Tabron – No Hander – 3rd Place

Steve McCann – No Hand Flair – 4th place

Vince Byron – Downside Tailwhip – 5th Place

Francisco Zurita – Toboggan – 6th Place

Jan Valenta – 1 Hand X Up – 7th Place

Jimmy Walker – Superman – 8th place

Austin Coleman – No Hander – 9th place

Dennis McCoy – No Hand Flair – 10th Place