By: Nick Lipton – Record breaking seems to be a trend here at the Totino's Open. Yesterday Danny Davis set a record score in pipe, and today Jamie Anderson set another in Slopestyle. Out of the six competitors in the female Slopestyle Final only Jamie landed a full a run, and with the exception of Sarka Panc Jamie literally blew away the competition. Most impressively Jamie's record breaking score of 92.00 more than doubled half of her peers scores.

Perfect weather created the ideal situation for today's Slopestyle Final, but unfortunately many of the ladies struggled to put together solid runs. Jamie Anderson did not have this problem. Jamie ripped around as if she was riding her home mountain, landing big tricks while adding plenty of style. Not only was Jamie's first run a Dew Tour record, but her second was the day's third best (behind Sarka's 2nd place run).

Women’s Slopestyle Highlights

Jamie's first run, the record setter, was impressive through the rails, but on the triple line Jamie's backside 180, switch backside 540 and frontside 360 left a heavy impression on the judges. Jamie's second run would have set an even higher record, but after back to back 540's Jamie slipped out on a 720 over the last jump. Jamie was pumped on her riding, and after being crowned the Totino Open's female Slopestyle champ she was all smiles, "I'll be in Snow Basin for sure, I am stoked on the Dew Tour."

Sarka Panc, who took 2nd, seems to be leaving a positive mark on all the female riders. From Jamie to Shelly Gotlieb, everyone seems to be stoked on this young lady. Even after Jamie's the podium ceremony Jamie still wanted to pump Sarka up, "She's a legend, she's like my favorite new person, she's not afraid of anything." and Shelly, after a disappointing day, was also onboard the Sarka train, "Sarka is sick, she's so awesome." Sarka's no fear approach and incredible skill seems to be landing her in the good graces of everyone she meets. Even after falling in both runs the young Czech had enough magic in her second run to score in the 80s. Dropping in with a front board Sarka blasted a huge backside 540 over the first jump and a slow and steady switch backside 180 over the second before a sketchy landing ruined a smooth 720 over the third. Sarka put down some presses and boardslides through the bottom rail section as well, proving that she is a well rounded rider and a threat in any contest.

Rounding out the podium was Jenny Jones. Jenny, who also fell both runs, scored in the upper 60s, but wasn't especially excited about her performance. The bottom three riders all struggled with the course. Spencer O'Brien came in 4th after falling in both runs which was lame, because her off the toes frontside 540 is one of the most stylish tricks in all of women's snowboarding. Falls plagued 5th and 6th place riders Janna Meyen and Shelly Gotlieb as well. Janna, a legend in her own right, couldn't get the first jump right, and with no speed the next two jumps simply weren't possible. The Kiwi, Shelly Gotlieb, also couldn't get the first jump right, falling on both of her Cab 540 attempts. Shelly, while frustrated, had no hard feelings about the event and was excited to have made it into the Final.

This Final symbolized the end of women's snowboarding in the first of three Winter Dew Tour stops. Many of the ladies won't be making it to the second stop, in Snow Basin, come January due to prior engagements, but Jamie Anderson, after setting Dew history, plans on protecting her crown.

Top Women’s Slopestyle
1. Jamie Anderson
2. Sarka Panc
3. Jenny Jones

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