By: Nick Lipton – At 19 years old Jamie Anderson is already a snowboarding superstar. Once crowned Rider of the Year, Jamie has a long history with the podium, and this year seems to be just another chapter of her success.

After dominating the Totino's Open Slopestyle event, and now the Mammoth Grand Prix, Jamie is confident as ever in her jump game and is simply looking forward to challenging herself in new ways. In the coming months Jamie hopes to push herself further on the Slope course by adding more technical spins, but is also looking to broaden her horizons as a rider in general.

In the future Jamie would like to add Superpipe champ' to her already impressive resume, but for now she'll settle with a Dew Cup in Slopestyle. With a no fear approach and plenty of confidence Jamie is looking forward to more Dew Tour, and more fun.

At the Mammoth Grand Prix, Jamie was the only female to spin off the big side of the first booter

You slaughtered the first Dew Tour stop in Breckenridge, can we expect more of the same in Snowbasin?
Um, I had a pretty good run in Breck', but I definitely want to try to up my game and land some tricks I’m not as comfortable with, like more 720s and some Cab stuff. We'll see what happens.

After back-to-back slope wins in Breckenridge and Mammoth, you must have a lot of confidence going into Snowbasin, right?
Uh, yeah I guess I do. I mean I had a good run, but a lot of the girls fell so it's kind of hard to say. But I had so much fun, the course was good, the weather was great, it was a good day. The thing is with these contests though, things can change really quickly, and at Breck' a lot of girls fell, so I didn't really get to see if my run would hold up if they hadn't.

Which ladies do you see as your biggest competition?
Not to sound cocky, but I don't really worry about other girls. I kinda just do my own thing. I know what I'm capable of and I know what type of tricks push me. I just go out there and do the best I can for myself.

Jamie Anderson

What are you most looking forward to about Snowbasin?
Looking forward to hanging out with my friends and seeing what's up. Most of my friends went to the Roxy Chicken Jam in Europe while I was in Mammoth. I've been sorta hanging with all the pipe jocks and they're pretty serious. But it'll be fun to just see all the girls and ride. Also, Snowbasin is one of my favorite mountains. I went there a few years ago filming and the whole place is super fun.

Will we see you in Vermont for the Toyota Championships?
Yeah definitely, I'm going to make it for sure. There are a lot of events this year, but I definitely want to make it to that one because the Dew Tour is one of the best events. The course is always fun, my friends are there and I love the kids who come to my autograph signings. It's exciting to see that there are actual Jamie Anderson fans, it sorta freaks me out, but it's really cool.

What are your thoughts on the Olympics; does it bother you that they haven't included Slopestyle?
I'm kinda OK with it not being in there ya' know. There are a lot of big Slopestyle events so the fact that it's not in the Olympics is okay. It would be cool if it was though, because then I'd probably want to go. Anyway, in the next Olympics I think they are supposed to have it. Like this event here in Mammoth is the first FIS event to have a Slopestyle, so that's kind of exciting.

Jamie Anderson Takes 1st Place