Historic 25th Street usually is known for its small town feel and great restaurants. However, last night the Winter Dew Tour threw its last concert of the 2010/11 season, headlined by one of the greatest rap stars, Ice Cube. Ice Cube and his entourage took over Historic 25th Street and put on one of the best shows to be seen by Ogden, Utah.

The streets were beyond filled with concert goers, some who waited  almost 6 hours to make sure they were as close to the rap superstar as possible.  The show began with Cube's crew who came out to hype of the crowd for his entrance.  Dub-C, Ice Cube's main mike man, even threw down a jam to get the crowd going.

As soon as the intro for "Straight Out Of Compton" came on, the crowd let loose and rapped along with Ice Cube straight through until the final set at 11 p.m.