The Dirt competitions in Dew Tour history have a bit of a record of being unpredictable. In the first four years, there have been four different Dew Cup winners, with each season coming down to the very end. Judging by today’s competition, BMX Dirt on the 2009 Dew Tour is set to be just as wild. Josh Hult and Brandon Dosch surprised everyone to best the likes of Nyquist, Bohan, Enarson, and last year’s Dew Cup winner Cam White and end up on top of the podium. It’s the highest either rider has ever placed in a Dew Tour comp, and Josh even had to fight the whole way up from Open Qualifiers to do it.

Judging by the look on Josh’s face, standing on top of the podium after a history of great riding that never quite yielded top results, was a huge victory for him. And even though Dosch dominated the whole contest, only to have Hult slip past on the last run, he was still stoked on the results. “I proved to myself today that i can make it to the podium,” he said. “This will help with my confidence and i’ll be more than ready to try and do this again at the next stop.”

Check below for Flip’s run-down of what happened in today’s Finals.

Double whips in both directions back to back is quite impressive. Nailing 2 solid runs with bangers like that really helps you to stand out from the others, which is just what Josh did. Judges love to see tricks and lines that are original, and Josh delivered in his last two runs, just enough to push him past Dosch and to the top spot. I bet his mom is proud too!

Brandon Dosch has made a few finals but this is his first podium finish. He claims his key to success is just having fun on (and off) his bike. We think it could also be that 360 double whip and 360 downside whip he pulled, or the fact that he had three huge runs on what many were saying was a tough course.

You don’t see dirt guys with 4 pegs and a front brake often but Nyquist doesn’t seem to care. In fact, you need a front brake to do this suicide no-handed 360. This is why Ryan is the only one you’ll see doing this trick on Dirt. And it’s also part of the reason why he was able to land in the top three.

Corey Bohan always seems to wow the crowd and the judges with regular and opo tricks. All that and he always seems to have a smile on his face. I guess I would too if I dated “The Hills” girl.

Dennis Enarson is just 18 years young, fresh out of high school and really enjoying his summer vacation. 5th place should make for a pretty good graduation present.

Flow, style, and big tricks like barspin 720’s helped Rob Darden to a 6th place finish.

Nasty had some solid runs today in which one even ended with a 360 backflip. Some people tease Nasty about getting old, but he isn’t slowing down at all. Going to ever ride an orange bike again, Nasty?

TJ Ellis has won some big comps this year already and is going to be tough competition at the rest of the stops—8th place today with style.

Chris Doyle is always a favorite of the true trail riders out there. His mix of tricks and untouchable style always puts him towards the top of the pack.

Jaie Toohey is still slightly unknown but will soon be a well known name in BMX dirt.

Last year’s Dew Cup champ came out swinging with tricks like backflip barspin to tailwhip and suicide trucks but a few bobbles kept him out of the top spots.

Luke Parslow fired off two double back flips today: one was flawless, and on the second one he was not so lucky. Luke brushed it off though, and was just fine. Look out for him at the next stop for sure.

Nyquist is no stranger to the podium. He was riding solidly all day, and went home with third place. We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for the next stop.

Of the crowds of people on hand today Brandon may have been the happiest guy in Grant Park: second place and his family was in attendance as well. Brandon hasn’t been this stoked since he got his Black Belt.

Josh Hult is all smiles after making his first podium spot a #1.

Hult, Dosch and Nyquist are always great guys to be around on and off their bikes. After a hard day’s work they are ready to relax and all have smiles on their face.