Henshaw Wins Men’s Ski Slope Semi-Final

Russ Henshaw impressed the judges in Saturday’s ski slope semifinals mixing style and technicality to make the most of the slopestyle course in Snowbasin.  Henshaw’s run of left 270 on to k-fed to a stylish back 360 finishing with a left double cork 12 and huge right switch double cork 1080 scored him a 87.83 on his first run.  Henshaw beat out Alex Bellemare (86.83) and Chris Laker (85.50) respectively.


1 Russ Henshaw 87.83
2 Alex Bellemare 86.83
3 Chris Laker 85.50
4 Jf Houle 84.33
5 James Woods 84.33
6 Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 82.00
7 Jamieson Irvine 81.83
8 Andreas Håtveit 81.17
9 Joss Christensen 80.00

Russ Henshaw

Alex Bellemare

Chris Laker

James Woods

James Woods

Jamieson Irvine

Andreas Hatveit

Joss Christensen


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