The Winter Dew Cup Awards went down at TC’s Pub in the Village-at-Northstar on Sunday afternoon. Fans and athletes packed in to see the prizes handed out for the first Winter Dew Tour. Awards for Athlete of the Year and the Toyota Go Big Award were also given out.

In case you need a refresher, here’s who won:

Snowboard Slopestyle: Spencer O’Brien, Shaun White
Snowboard Superpipe: Kelly Clark, Shaun White
Freeski Superpipe: Tanner Hall
Freeski Slopestyle: PK Hunder
Athlete of the year: Shaun White, Tanner Hall, Spencer O’Brien and Kelly Clark (tie)

The trophies

Bobby Brown sits with his younger brother, Kyle, before accepting the Toyota Go Big Award.

Steve Fisher before the ceremony.

Competitiors were invited into a VIP area to enjoy chicken wings before the awards ceremony.

Colby James West gives his best “shake face” to the camera.

Pk Hunder, the Dew Cup Winner of Freeski Slopestyle, signs bibs before winning his award. Tanner Hall, the winner for Skiing Superpipe was unable to attend the award ceremony.

Spencer O’Brien and Kelly Clark

JJ Thomas and his coach Boydie sit with two guys they just met (left side) at TC’s where the award ceremony took place.

JJ Thomas walked home with 5th place in Snowboard Superpipe Final. “I’ll take that”, he said. “It was crazy up there. Competing in the rain was like driving through a storm without windshield wipers.”

Scotty Lago

Shaun White was in great spirits as he joked around with friends while eating chicken wings at the winners table.

Fans wait for an autograph along the red carpet where athletes passed to accept their awards.

PK Hunder walks through the crowd on his way to the stage.

PK loving that Dew Cup.

Spencer O’Brien on her way to get her awards.

Spencer O’Brien received a Dew Cup for Snowboard Slopestyle and an Athlete of the Year award.

Shaun stops to give autographs and pose for photos.

Shaun White with one of his three awards from the Winter Dew Tour.

Kelly Clark clutches her Dew Cup for Snowboard Superpipe and Athlete of the Year award.

Steve Fisher won the Toyota Go Big award, voted on by fans and athletes.

Steve Fisher and his big check.

Bobby Brown looks real happy holding that extra-large check for winning the Toyota Go Big award.

Shaun White

The Dew Cup Winner Circle

Two Dew Cups rest on the side-lines while the Winners celebrate with friends, family and fans.