The first BMX dirt event of the Dew Tour season came in the midst of wind, flooding and torrential downpours at July's Nike 6.0 BMX Open in Chicago. When the weather cleared and the contest was underway, an NBC cameraman at the start tower zoomed in on Brandon Dosch's laser focus as he stared at the jumps ahead of him. That close-up broadcast to thousands of viewers the face that would become the 2010 Dew Cup champ at season’s end, and it showed the focus that continued all season to get him there.

Brandon Dosch scoping his line

"My mom, she sacrificed a lot for me when I was a kid taking me to BMX races and doing whatever it took just to get me good at what I do," Dosch said months later when holding his first Dew Cup and thinking about what it took to get there.

"Then I got out of BMX racing and we went to freestyle and she was still as supportive as she could be," Dosch continued. "I did my part and I just kept riding as hard as I could."

That included seeking out riding opportunities away from his hometown of Lake Orion, Michigan and always hitting up the training facilities at Woodward to improve his riding.

"There's some fun places to ride, but there's not too much to offer for my style of riding in Michigan," Dosch said. "I like to venture out and go on little road trips and just go ride new stuff. That's my favorite thing to do."

Brandon Dosch at the Nike 6.0 Open in Chicago

He came close to winning that first Dew Tour event of the season in Chicago, but finished second, and you could tell that wasn't good enough for him.

"I've never met a more focused kid, to be honest," said Luke Parslow, who finished the season fourth overall. "He's been in all the finals this year. You can see it in his eyes too, the way he rides, and the effort that he puts into it. It's amazing."

Dosch missed out on the overall win last season after finishing just a few points behind Dew Cup winner Ryan Nyquist. He turned pro in time for the Dew Tour's Right Guard Open in 2007 and each season he's been slowly but surely improving upon his standings.

"For me winning the Dew Cup now, it is my dream come true," Dosch said. "I finally made it to the top of the podium for the Dew Cup."

Giving some love to the fans

The winning formula came by way of two second-place finishes (Chicago and Salt Lake), a fifth in Portland and a win in Vegas at the final event.

Dosch entered the last stop in Vegas ranked second to 16-year-old Brett Banasiewicz, a new face on the Dew Tour dirt scene. Banasiewicz had already been making a name for himself in park comps and quickly asserted dominance in dirt, but in the end, Dosch fended off his attempts at taking home the Cup.

Dosch finished second on this course at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City

For Dosch, his quest for the Cup all came down to the last event in Vegas, when points were boosted to 50 percent more than their usual worth. Twenty-one-year-old Dosch was upping the ante in each of his runs and landing picture perfect triple whips and corked 720s to take home both the event win and the Dew Cup.

"This season has been so rough on me," Dosch said following his win in Vegas. "Coming into every stop, this is the first stop I actually completed three runs. I got 'em done and that's what happens when I get 'em all done!"

Dosch doubles down in Vegas with the Dew Tour Championships win and the Dew Cup title

He even increased his lead after each run with his solid riding.

"I really wasn't worried about anybody else," Dosch said. "I was just staying on my bike, staying relaxed and keeping focused on what I needed to do."

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