Fresh off her silver medal performance in the Olympics and her Sports Illustrated swimsuit pictorial, Hannah Teter continues her philanthropy by launching an underwear line with not only a message but also a mission. Aptly named Sweet Cheeks each month a new pair of undies will be released dedicated to helping the less fortunate and those in need.

The first panties in the series will benefit Doctors Without Borders and relief efforts in Haiti with the message "Make Love Not War" across the posterior side. For every pair that is sold, Five dollars will be donated to a different charity each month. Hannah is hoping to raise $100,000 by selling 20,000 pairs by May of this year.

Helping the less fortunate is nothing new to this Vermont native and two-time Olympic medalist, in 2008 she founded her charity, Hannah's Gold which raises money through the sales of Vermont maple syrup. Working with World Vision the money raised helps a village in Kenya to build schools, dig wells to provide fresh drinking water. Last year she donated all of her prize money to the cause.

Next month Hannah's charity of choice will be Airline Ambassadors but no telling what the panty message might be but sure they will have a good one if the Sweet Cheeks website is any indication. Looks like they are certainly having fun with it with such slogans a "Do Your Civic Booty", "Peace of Ass" and "From Your Heart, For Your Butt" to name a few. To do your part you can purchase a pair for $18 directly from the Sweet Cheeks website” and become a fan on their Facebook page