The Am Park Final made it official, 2018 Dew Tour Long Beach is underway. Fans gathered to the bleachers to see young rippers take on the brand new Dew Tour Park course, and they did  not disappoint by taking full advantage of the unique design.

Just before the first runs were underway, the young Ams—ranging from ages 11-21— were flattered to share the bowls with four skateboarding legends. Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain and Pat Ngoho hopped in the mix with all the kids and helped kick things off in a mix of new age and classic style.

Christian Hosoi and a few other Legends spent some time warming up with the Ams to ensure the kids are alright and the future of skateboarding stays bright. Photo: MRZ

“I see all those kids all the time,” commented Christian Hosoi after the warmup session. “Being able to hang out, skate with these kids and share the course with the kids is really important. They are our future. It is about the progression of the sport, but also about keeping the core values of skateboarding intact by being examples. Protect it and respect it.”

Things quickly got underway and the freshly poured cement made for a fast opening series of runs. By the end of the first run it was the youngest competitor of the field, Gavin Bottger, an 11-year-old, that was leading the pack. Bottger was the only skater to crack into the 80s on his first run after landing a body varial 540 and kickflip indy in the deep end. He scored an 87.66.

“I was warming up with all the legends earlier, that was super fun,” said Bottger. “I definitely look up to them.”

After three more complete rounds of the ten talented young innovators on wheels, there had only been three other scores cable of cracking into the 80s but none would surpass Bottger.

Gavin_Bottger_Am_Park_Final_Long_Beach_Durso 5
One of the many 540s Gavin Bottger spun out of the deep end. In his winning run he stomped a body varial 540. Photo: Durso

Tate Carew, 13, earned second with a score of 84.33, and Liam Pace, 17, rounded out the first podium of the weekend, respectfully.

As an additional reward for winning the Am event, Bottger will go on to skate in the Pro qualifer to try his luck at Dew Tour once again.

“This park is amazing! I’m just having so much fun skating with all my homies,” spouted Bottger after he limped his way out of the park following his final run. He said it was from all the slams he took in his final three runs trying to land the cab heelflip indy in the deep end. When asked if he planned to put it down in the Pro session he answered simply, “yes” as if that question was an absolute given.

Don’t miss any of the action this weekend, and be sure to check out the complete schedule of events.

1. ) Gavin Bottger, 87.66

2.) Tate Carew, 84.33

3.) Liam Pace, 82.66

4.) Toby Ryan, 80.33

5.) Kiko Francisco, 78.33

6.) Cederic Pabich, 77.00

7.) Taylor Nye, 75.33

8.) Tyson Zane, 73.00

9.) Josh Dirksen, 71.00

10.)Leandre Sanders, 67.33

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