Garrett Reynolds Takes All at First-Ever Streetstyle BMX

The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships unvieled a brand new discipline, BMX streetstyle, that incorporated the San Francisco downhill vibe that the city is recognized for. The BMX streetstyle course took over a three-block radius and brought in obstacles to mimic the feel of true street riding as only San Francisco can properly portray.

The contest consisted of an incredible mix of talented riders out there and they really put on a ridiculous display of BMX insanity. With a truly unique course built on a San Francisco street with the Bay Bridge in the background and sixteen riders willing to send themselves down from the top to bottom streetstyle  made for an incredibly memorable event. The course was littered with rails, ledges, jersey barriers, tractor-trailers, box jumps, cars and wallrides giving it that authentic street feel. All of the riders had their chance at the course three times with only the best run counting making for an all-or-nothing format. In the end with the last three riders left to go Scotty Cranmer, Garrett Reynolds and Dennis Enarson were all in podium positions knowing they had to step it up and make their final runs count in order to take the tops spot from one another.

Garrett Reynolds’ winning run

Garrett Reynolds had some serious pressure leading up to his last run. He was sitting in second place and knew what it would take to get into that top spot. “I didn’t expect to land the 540 truck driver for my first trick but once I pulled it I just said whatever about the rest of my run and it all worked out,” said Reynolds. Throwing down some serious tricks the entire way down including the 540 truck driver, a barspin to double peg grind and a 360 off the end of the tractor trailer, he laid down the top score and came through in the clutch taking over the number one position right out from under Enarson who took the run just prior. He also commented on the actual setup saying, “I was really psyched on the course. It was kind of hard to ride, but I think it was real fun and I think it has a lot of room to grow.”

Garrett Reynolds Takes All at First Ever Streetstyle BMXDennis Enarson

Enarson is also one of those guys that loves to feel the pressure of a final do or die run and definitely gave it his all when he dropped in for the last time. “I just wanted to think of one run and the first two I messed up on so it was nice to have a third run to get everything together,” said Enarson. He held nothing back throwing down a high-speed flat ground 360, a huge gap to wallride and a perfect backflip tailwhip over the box. He knew that he had to step it up and ended up pulling the exact run he had set in his head but it just wasn’t enough hold onto first with Reynolds’ run to follow leaving Enarson to settle for second place. The best part is the fact that Enarson and Reynolds are not only teammates but they are great friends as well so at the end of the day either one of them would have been stoked for each other no matter how they ended up placing.

Garrett Reynolds Takes All at First Ever Streetstyle BMXScotty Cranmer

Although at the end of the contest the focus was on Enarson and Reynolds you can’t forget about Cranmer. He came into this with a last minute invite and came out swinging. “I don’t even think we had time enough to have a game plan to be honest,” said Cranmer. With that being the general theme of the contest and with this being the first-ever streetstyle event it was easy to see that everyone came into it with that same plan of just giving it your all and seeing how it goes. Cranmer had some highlight tricks including a big tailwhip off the truck onto the Toyota Prius, a huge backflip transfer onto the scaffolding and some tech lines on the upper part of the course. The overall vibe was amazing, and all of the riders seemed to be walking back up the hill with a smile on their face. “Me as a rider, this is what I am into – this is BMX. It’s a mix of everything and the sky is the limit with this and it’s only going to get better,” said Cranmer.

After the final runs everyone breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they all survived the first streetstyle event and became a part of Dew Tour and BMX history. To say the course was unique is a true understatement and the level of riding was absolutely maxed out as each rider white knuckled their grips. Congrats to all.

Garrett Reynolds Takes All at First Ever Streetstyle BMX

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1st Place – Garrett Reynolds 93.00

2nd Place – Dennis Enarson 92.00

3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer 89.63

4th Place – Corey Martinez 89.25

5th Place – Dakota Roche 89.13

6th Place – Chad Kerley 88.38

7th Place – Josh Harrington 86.38

8th Place – Gary Young 86.38

9th Place – Ty Morrow 86.00

10th Place – Gregory Illingworth 85.88

11th Place – David Thompson 85.88

12th Place – Rob Wise 85.38

13th Place – Sean Sexton 84.50

14th Place – Vince Byron 84.00

15th Place – Jeremiah Smith 83.63

16th Place – Drew Bezanson 81.88

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