By Brendan Vail

Garrett Reynolds is having a good summer: finished high school, gold medal at X Games, and now, his first Dew Tour win. Reynolds killed the course during today’s Park Finals at the Wendy’s Invitational in Portland, beating out heavy hitters Dhers and Mirra for the win. 

Garrett won by finding good lines through the Park, spinning over all of the hips and throwing in tricks like tuck no handers, barspins, and clicked tabletops into his spins. Some highlights from Garrett’s runs were a 270 barspin to clicked turndown and huge truckdrivers to tabletops that were super flat and stylish. He deserved his first Dew Tour win, as well as the water that was dumped all over him when the results were announced.

Reynolds wasn’t the only one throwing down today, though: across the board the level of riding was high. 

Daniel Dhers, who didn’t make the podium at the last stop on the tour got his groove back and floated big tailwhips across a long quarter to quarter gap. He took a fall in his first run trying a 360 can can flip, but he came back on his second run and spun a no handed 720, double tailwhips, and a 270 double tailwhip over a hip.

Barspins were being spun all over the course especially by Drew Bezanson, who spun the bars into a footjam on the sub box, and managed to throw barspins into a flair and even managed a 360 triple barspin in his last run to get him 9th place.

Dave Mirra was as smooth as always and scored second place by doing a no-handed 360 flip, as well as super high 540 tailwhips on the big quarter and big 720’s on the box jump. Mirra has been riding brakeless lately and he is getting even smoother than he was when he had his brakes on.

Nike 6.0’s Dennis Enarson had a strong first run with moves like a flip whip over the spine and a 360 doublewhip. In his second run, Dennis went for a crazy 360 triple tailwhip that he came close to riding away from, but couldn’t quite stick it and finished in 5th.

UK ripper Mark Webb took fourth place by mixing up big jumping tricks with technical moves like a 540 tailtap to icepick. Even though Webb gets a lot of attention for his technical riding he has no problem with Turndown flairs, 720 lookbacks, and super high 360 tables over the box. Webb also pulled a 900 on the small quarter and rode away from a decade to 360, a trick that has not been pulled at a Dew Tour stop until now. The crowd went wild for Webb and were very vocal showing support for him and his big bag of tricks.

Frontflips were no problem for Craig Mast who started each of his runs with a frontflip drop in followed by a flair on a tiny quarter. Mast also pulled a triple tailwhip and made two attempts at a front flip tailwhip in this last run. He was super close on his second try, but couldn’t manage to get his chrome eastern to roll away smoothly.

Garrett and Mirra are now tied for first place in the overall race for the Dew Cup in Park with 190 points each. Salt Lake City will be a battle to see who can take the lead for the year end title. The 35 year old Mirra is a legend in the sport and has won more events than any other rider, while 6.0’s Reynolds has been making a name for himself as one of the top street and park riders in BMX at only 19 years old winning his first Dew Tour stop. Behind them is Marcus Tooker and the UK’s Mark Webb in 3rd and 4th respectively with Daniel Dhers closing out the top 5 riders in the BMX Park circuit.

Garrett Reynolds Flair

Dave Mirra Invert

Daniel Dhers 360 Can Can Flip Attempt

Marcus Tooker Bike Flip

Steven McCann Alley Oop Whip

Craig Mast Front Flip Whip Attempt

Drew Bezanson Cannonball