The street finals just went off here in San Francisco as part of Dew Tour's Toyota City Championships, and if you did not get the chance to check it out you missed some of the best BMX street riding to ever go down in a contest setting. With this being the first time that BMX has had a street-specific event at the Dew Tour the pressure was on. The field of eight riders was narrowed down from the original nineteen that were invited leaving only the best of the best in the finals. Having City Hall as the backdrop made for one truly unique scene and the level of riding that went down was incredible.


Since this was the first time the Dew Tour offered a street-specific event, every rider knew going into it that getting on top of the podium would make them a part of history. With all the new tech talent on display during the BMX street competition, it seemed all but predictable as to who would become the champion of the street discipline. However, as the heats progressed it came down to the final three riders who were already in podium positions to ride one more run each to determine the final order.

Garrett Reynolds’ winning run

Garrett admits to being a little out of it when he first started riding today  "I rolled in a little bit late so the whole time I was riding I was kind of scrambling to find some things to do. If I got one thing feeling good I just tried to feed off of that," said Reynolds. Garrett also commented on the course saying, "I think they did a real good job making all of the replica San Fran spots. I love riding this stuff." Needless to say, no one was surprised to see Garrett ride as good as he did. Although he said he started off a little slow, he really stepped it up in his second and third runs laying down a huge 360 bar-to-bar down the nine stair as a well as a nollie 180 barspin. He also laced a crazy rail ride to tailwhip out and a 180 barspin to backward crooked grind down one of the many rails on the course.

Chad Kerley

Just as people expected Garrett to do well, Chad Kerley was also slated to shred the course and that he did. With an insane first run he scored high enough to be able to take it easy on his second and third runs but he didn't seem to hold back at all. "I was actually pretty nervous, and I just wanted to get my first run dialed and then once that was done I just worked from there," said Kerley. Kerley laid down some insane combos including a barspin to manual to double peg grind to nose manual on the 3rd and Army setup as well as a barspin to tail tap to barspin out on the sub box. Needless to say, he very much deserved a spot on the podium. He also couldn't say enough good things about his experience here in San Fran. "The contest overall was awesome. I am so glad that the Dew Tour put together a street contest. They did such a good job on the course," said Kerley.

Bruno Hoffman

Third place went to Bruno Hoffman who did one of the most technical lines of the entire event which was an unluc-e grind to manual to opposite feeble grind to manual to feeble to hard three sixty out – bar none the longest, most technical combo of the contest. He also did an insane nose manual to 180 down the big hubba ledge to show that his riding is very well rounded. With an unmatched style and calmness, Bruno's riding really stood out from the crowd and made a solid impression on the judges. Bruno talked a bit about his strategy and said, "I was just trying to get my first run good so I didn't have to stress the last two." He did just that and posted his highest score in his first run leaving him room to experiment from there. Just like Reynolds and Kerley mentioned, Bruno also couldn't say enough good things about the course and said, "The vibe here in San Fran is awesome, and the course is so much fun, every contest should be like this!"

All in all, the inaugural Dew Tour BMX Street event went off and will go down in history as one of the best street-specific events to date. The crowd here in San Francisco got treated to some seriously amazing riding and every rider that was invited couldn't say enough good things about the course which goes to show that they weren't messing around when it came time to put together a unique design and set up.

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1st Place – Garrett Reynolds 

2nd Place – Chad Kerley 

3rd Place – Bruno Hoffman