Jamieson Irvine overcame blustery winds at Breckenridge today to win the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Qualifiers at the Winter Dew Tour Nike Open. Irvine finished with a score of 84.67 on a run that included a right double 1080 high mute and a switch right double flat 900 safety. Chris Logan came in second with a score of 84.50. Chris Laker rounded out the top 3 with a first heat score of 83.83. The top 13 skiers below wil advance to the Semi-Final on Friday at 2:30 p.m. MST.

1. Jamieson Irvine 84.67
2. Chris Logan  84.50
3. Chris Laker 83.83
4. Ole Christian Mustad 81.33
5. Willie Borm 79.50
6. Fridtjof Fredricsson 79.33
7. Torin Yater-Wallace 78.67
8. Aleksander Aurdal 77.67
9. Aidan Sheahan 77.17
10. Matt Walker 76.17
11. Mike Mertion 68.67
12. Alex Bellemare 68.33
13. Erik Hughes 59.33

Willie Borm

Matt Walker

Torin Yater Wallace

Vincent Gagnier

Aleksander Audral

Torin Yater Wallace

Ole Christian Mustad

Banks Gilberti

Chris Logan

Karl Fostvedt

Aiden Sheahan

Fridtjof Fredricsson

Jamieson Irvine

Chris Laker