Do you want free gear, a haircut, or the chance to drive a motorcycle? Then the Dew Tour Festival Village could be your zone. The village serves as the public's spot to meet their favorite riders, run wild, and enjoy a slice of the dream life.

At the Wendy’s Invitational, the various sponsor tents created a circus of giveaways, contests, and things to do while waiting for the various Skate, BMX, and FMX contests. Inside the village, fans and pro's got to meet and shake hands, and do that autograph business. You could also take advantage of Matador's mechanical Bull, Yamaha's motorcycles, or even Paul Mitchell haircuts. The Nerf Dart Tag was a smash hit this weekend, and Woodward's traveling skatepark kept many kids occupied for hours.

All that fun can wear a person down, so luckily Mountain Dew had everyone covered with an endless supply of refreshments in the Dew Underground. Wendy’s was even providing hot burgers to Dew Tour fans. When the legs started to give out, or you just needed a breather, you could just look up, remember you were at the Dew Tour, and walk a few steps to check out a pro contest or two.

In the Dew Underground, you can find artists painting and creating all day long.

Prizes are only a bean bag toss away at the Dickies booth.

Technically bull riding is a single-handed activity, this would be a foul.

Ball Park got the party cookin' with Dj's and dance-offs.

Can't get a ride to the Dew Tour? Tell Mom she can get a Paul Mitchell haircut, and all for a good cause: proceeds go to the Athlete Recovery Fund and the local area Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Every young man's dream!

All smiles and neon orange at the Nike 6.0 booth.

"We got all of this for free!"

Want to hang with P-Rod? He'll be at the Dew Underground, bring some Code Red.

Your source for all things Dew Tour.

Of course the Dew Tour has a public skatepark.

Want to look like your favorite FMX rider? Head to Dickies for a temporary tattoo.

Yeah, you can ride motorcycles here. Prove you can handle it and they'll even let you ride solo.