By: Heel Clicker – Edging out tonight rainstorm was the FMX competition. To start things off FMX rider Beau Bamburg serenaded the crowd with his rendition of the national anthem on his electric guitar. That stellar performance was followed with a very heated head to head competition. First introductions went to Team Bad Attitude; Mike Mason, Adam Jones and Beau Bamberg. They really made this contest a grudge match when Jones and Mason kicked former team mate Jim McNeil off the team in order to have Beau Bamburg ride. Next, in honor of being in Orlando, we met Team Magic Men; Ronnie Faisst, Jim McNeil and Robbie Maddison.

In round one, we had the match up of Jim "The Real Deal" McNeil and Beau "The Basher" Bamburg. While McNeil looked the most comfortable riding out of the two, Beau brought the intensity and fire to his run. But Beau ended his run with a nod of disappointment, and our celebrity judge, Jason Thomas, gave the round to Jim McNeil. Round two's match up was between Ronnie "Kung Fu" Faisst and Mike "Rainbow" Mason. Ronnie started off with some big tricks like the no handed flip and a lazy boy with great extension, but his one stall in his last trick left the the round open to Mason. Mason came out with a huge run when he pulled off the backflip with a twist. In the end, Jason Thomas awarded the round to Mason. The final round came down to heavy hitters Robbie Maddison versus Adam Jones. Maddison had a stream of flips through his run including a huge side saddle flip, while Jones showed off his great extension with his cliff hanger. In the end, Jones missed his trick on a jump and the round went to Maddison.

After round three, it ended up being a tie between Team Bad Attitude and Team Magic Men. The crowd got to choose the riders for sudden death, and they definitely chose the best two of the night; Robbie Maddison v. Mike Mason. Jason Thomas called the sudden death round the toughest to judge, but gave the win to Team Bad Attitude.