Action sports athletes often turn pro at young ages, but it is uncommon for them to become top pros, travel the world, and actually finish high school. "5 Months to Freedom" follows two top BMX pros as they juggle the life of a teenager and the life of a professional athlete—all while trying to keep their mom's happy in the quest for a high school diploma.

"5 Months to Freedom" documents Garrett Reynolds from Toms River, NJ and Dennis Enarson from La Mesa, CA as they make their way through their final five months of high school. Reynolds is widely considered the top BMX street rider in the world, and both Reynolds and Enarson are at the top of the ramp game as well. To complicate matters, Enarson underwent shoulder surgery during the filming of the show and Garrett moved in with a house of rowdy BMX'ers.

5 Months to Freedom airs on MTV2 this Saturday, Sept 19th at 10:00 PM EST



Repeat Broadcast:

Sept 21, 11:00 AM EST
Sept 24, 8:30 PM EST