The inaugural Street League Skateboarding(SLS) World Tour Pro Series event as part of the new X Games‘ global expansion took place today in the scenic Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil with much success and crowd excitement. The local countryman Luan Oliveira undoubtedly had the greatest crowd support, especially during the best trick section when he landed a nollie hardflip noseslide 360 shove-it that earned him a 9.7. Oliveira placed fourth overall, respectively. On the podium it was the Grizzly Gang leader Torey Pudwill in second, Mr. Smooth Sean Malto in second and the king of SLS himself, Nyjah Huston, took the win with tricks like 360 flip 5-0 and nollie heelflip backside lipslide to fakie. For an idea of what kind of hammers Huston had on lock this weekend watch his attack on the course in the video below. See the list of results at the bottom of this post, and for more information on how the finals unfolded visit either or


1st Place – Nyjah Huston

2nd Place – Sean Malto

3rd Place – Torey Pudwill

4th Place – Luan Oliveira

5th Place – Chaz Ortiz

6th Place – Shane O’Neil

7th Place – Mikey Taylor

8th Place – Tom Asta