The final day of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar Energy Drink didn't disappoint a single fan on the shore. Twenty pro men riders and ten junior pros took to the water battling to make it into the main event at 5pm. It made for a drama packed afternoon, as the waters of Freeman Lake stayed glassy for the entire event.

Nick Galotifore and Steel Lafferty had two of the best runs during the Junior Men Finals, but it was Raphael Derome taking home his first win on the Pro Tour this season as he stood up two clean passes and landed a heelside 900 off the double up.

For the Pro Men, Harley Clifford did what he does best and laid down the most technically difficult and stylish runs of the weekend. He landed a heelside 900, backside 720 during his run, and a back mobe 540 for his wild card.

During the double up contest, Trevor Hansen landed a double back roll for the win, in front of Bob Soven with a toeside 900. The big air kicker contest was a crowd favorite, with Dean Smith taking home a cool $1k with a hoochie glide to backside 360.


 Raphael Derome

Raphael Derome does a melon glide into the flats during his Junior Pro Men winning run.


Kyle Lyman

In his first final since 2003, Keith Lyman does a toe side melon 720 during his run.


SGS DSmith          

Dean Smith blasting this hoochie glide to backside 360, sealing his win in the Big Sir Kicker Contest.


Harley Clifford           

Harley Clifford grabs the nose of his board on this Pete Rose during the final stop of PWT #3. He went on to win the event and seal his spot as the current King of Wake leader.


Kyle Rattray

In his first final of the year, Kyle Rattray grabs mute during his heel side off axis backside 360.


 Jimmy LaRiche

Jim LaRiche does a switch melon glide to fakie during his Finals run. Jimmy killed it all weekend.


Phillip Soven

In a battle with his brother Bob, Phil Soven does a crail grab toe side roll to blind. Phil edged out his younger brother to earn 2nd spot on the podium.

Raphael Derome

Getting his board over to a backside lipslide on pass number one, Raphael Derome wins his first PWT stop in the Junior Pro Men division.

Chad Sharpe

With the longest hit off the kicker of the weekend, Chad Sharpe floats this stalefish glide during the Big Air Kicker contest and gets himself a 2nd place finish.


Harley Clifford

To seal the deal in the finals, Harley Clifford does a heelside back mobe 540 for his wild card trick and wins stop #3 of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour.