Extreme Playgrounds Germany Results

The Extreme Playgrounds World Cup skateboarding event went down over the weekend in Berlin, Germany. There was a good showing of Dew Tour riders, including street winner Phil Zwijsen and vert winner Marcelo Bastos. Check out the results below:

Street podium – (l-r) Rodolfo Ramos, 3rd; Phil Zwijsen, 1st; Killian Heuberger, 3rd

1.Phil Zwijsen $5000
2.Rodolfo Ramos $3500
3.Kilian Heuberger $2750
4.Austen Seaholm $1750
5.Nassim Guammaz $750
5.Christian Krause $750
5Louis Taubert $750
5.Thomas Weber $750
9.Ryan Decenzo $400
9.Alex Mizurov $400
9.Tom Kleinschmidt $400
9.Yannick Schall $400
9.Michael Mackrodt $400
9.Tyler Hendley $400

Vert podium – (l-r) Paul-Luc Ronchetti, 2nd; Marcelo Bastos, 1st; Jeurgen Horrwarth, 3rd

1.Marcelo Bastos $5000
2.Paul-Luc Ronchetti $3500
3.Juergen Horrwarth $2750
4.Rune Glifberg $1750
5.Sam Beckett $1000
5.Elliot Sloan $1000
5.Danny Mayer $1000
5.Renton Millar $1000

Street Best Trick
1.Phil Zwijsen $1500
2.Kilian Heuberger $1000
3.Rodlfo Ramos $500


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