Evan Geiselman Takes it all at Nike 6.0 Expression Session

Crowds of people lined the south side of the Ocean City jetty tonight to watch the Dew Tour's first-ever surf competition go down under the lights. Pro surfing brothers Evan and Eric Geiselman competed in the Nike 6.0 Expression Session alongside Ocean City local Vince Boulanger and Colin Herlihey, a surfer from nearby Bethany Beach, Delaware.

"Before I even came to this event I was just planning on having fun, and that's what I'm out here doing," Evan said. "I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd. There are so many spectators here and I'm having a good time."

The Nike 6.0 Expression Session tow-at competition gave each rider two 10-minute heats to do their best airs and tricks and the best two waves counted. Evan and Boulanger were leading the charge with the biggest and cleanest airs of the bunch, and both advanced to the finals, where they each got another 10-minute session to boost off the shore break.

"It's a great thing that the Dew Tour brought surfing into it," Eric said. "My brother made it, I didn't, but I'm stoked he did. There's good energy and it's definitely a good place for the Dew Tour."

When the buzzer sounded, it was Evan who came out the big winner. With two awards up for grabs, he nabbed them all. He came out charging in his first heat with a huge frontside slob to the beach, and that earned him the Best Trick award and the $1,000 prize.

Evan collected another grand when the last wave he caught in that same heat primed him for a massive frontside air reverse. For that move, he collected the Biggest Air award.

Boulanger held his own against the experienced pros, with a big frontside grab to start on his first wave. He rode it down the line and boosted two more solid airs.

"I didn't get very many opportunities in the finals, but I was just so excited to land some tricks in front of my friends in the earlier heat," Boulanger said. "I was just so excited to be in the final, I felt like I already won."

Evan Geiselman

Evan Geiselman

Vince Boulanger

Evan Geiselman

Evan Geiselman


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