Barcelona, Spain has long been a Mecca for BMX, and it got even better over the fourth of July weekend, thanks to the Nike 6.0 BCN BMX Pro. Set amidst the Barcelona Extreme festival, the BCN BMX Pro brought a ton of the best Park riders in the world to Spain to ride a perfect Nate Wessel-designed creation right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Ben Wallace was the highest placing rider

If Saturday's qualifying event is a barometer of what the level of riding is going to look like for the 2010 season, then things are going to be nuts. Dew Tour riders owned the top spots in qualifying and in fourth was Brett Banasiewcz, who at 15 years old continues to push things forward. Triple-downside-whip over a hip? Why not.

Brett Banasiewcz, 360-no-hander

In third was Garrett Reynolds, who flew in the morning of the event and still rode like only he can (540-truck-to-lookback…). In second was Daniel Dhers who definitely set off a fireworks show. No-handed-corked-720s, can-can-sevens, front-flip over the spine—only Daniel.

Daniel Dhers, no-handed-corked-720

The first place spot went to San Diego's golden child, Dennis Enarson. Enarson had big box and spine tricks, along with tons of creative lines, including a tailwhip-transfer of death, an over-pedal and can-can-footjam on the vert walls, and at one point he casually threw out a double-barspin fakie.

Dennis Enarson can-can-footjam on the vert wall

When it was time for the finals on Sunday, half of the riders got to take their runs, but then a rainstorm soaked the course, which meant Saturday's qualifying results would serve as the finals. It was an unfortunate end to a great event, especially for the guys who got to take their runs before the rain, especially Ryan Nyquist. The run Ryan put down may have been one of his best ever, and he ended it with a completely crazy 810 transfer from the box jump lip into the wedge wall. It looked like that was going to be a hard run to beat, but the weather had other ideas.

Jeremiah Smith, downside-whip

The Nike 6.0 BCN BMX Pro was an incredible event, and the level of riding going down was unreal. One other huge benefit of this event is going to be happening for the next two months as well. Why? Because the course that Nike 6.0 built for the contest is still set up and open for anyone to ride for two more months. One more reason to get yourself to BCN.

Ryan Nyquist, toothpick in paradise

All the top guys from this contest will be in Chicago this month to compete in the Dew Tour. The Dew Tour Nike 6.0 BMX Open returns to Chicago July 23 and 24 at Soldier Field South Festival Lot. Tickets are on sale now, starting at only $15. For more information and ticketing, click here.

The top 3- Dennis Enarson first, Daniel Dhers second, Garrett Reynolds third


  1. Dennis Enarson
  2. Daniel Dhers
  3. Garrett Reynolds
  4. Brett Banasiewcz
  5. Ben Wallace
  6. Gary Young
  7. Dean Cueson
  8. Michael Beran
  9. Ryan Nyquist
  10. Mike Spinner
  11. Alex Coleborn
  12. Alessandro Barbero