Elliot Sloan just earned himself a well deserved gold medal on Thursday in Skateboard Big Air at X Games, Los Angeles, the final X Games to be hosted by the city of Los Angeles. Sloan has been on the hunt for the gold in Big Air all season long previously earning a second in Brazil, a third in Spain and a  second in Germany. Sloan threw down a amazingly smooth tail grab 720 over the gap then blasted a massive tail grab 540 on the quarter pipe.  There was a close battle for the second place between Tom Schaar and Bob Burnquist, who has won every big air event thus far in the season. In the end it was Tom Schaar taking second place with a huge melon 720 over the gap into a clean melon 900 on the quarter pipe and Burnquist in third with a switch backside 180 over the gap into a poked out indy 360 on the quarter pipe. Check out the clip of Sloans winning run then view the ramp where Elliot Sloan honed in his ramp skills on his Space Invader


1st – Elliot Sloan – 90.165

2nd – Tom Schaar – 88.83

3rd – Bob Burnquist – 88.665

4th – Jagger Eaton – 80.495

5th – Edgard Pereira – 78.66

6th – Nolan Munroe – 48.995

7th – Jake Brown – 40.665

8th – Mitchie Brusco – 34.83