eBay Auction for Dew Underground Artwork Starts Saturday at 8PM

In conjunction with Mountain Dew, Allisports will be hosting an online auction on eBay to help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) . The ARF is a non profit organization that provides professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skateboarding with financial support after a severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships.

During this online action, there will be 5 separate pieces that can be bid on. Each piece was created by a collaboration of 5 artists, who have been featured in the Dew Underground art sections of the Dew Tour. The painting size is a 3' x 4' canvas, and incorporates each artists different styles through spray paint, paper, markers, oil, or stencils. The first piece of work will be live for bidding start on Saturday, March 6th at 8:00 PM EST. Additional pieces will go up for auction throughout the month.

For your chance to participate in the auction and help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund, click here!


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