Double Corks Go Down in Freeski Pipe Last Chance Qualifiers

Landing the only double cork 12 of the day, France's Benoit Valentin showcased huge amplitude throughout his run, earning him a first-place score of 92.25 in the freeski Last Chance Qualifiers. Last year's Gatorade Free Flow Tour slopestyle winner, Patrick Baskins of Vail, Colo., placed second with an 85.50 and Switzerland's Nils Lauper followed behind in third with an 83.50.
The top finishers from today's LCQs will advance to tomorrow's prelims.


1 Benoit Valentin 92.25
2 Patrick Baskins 85.50
3 Nils Lauper 83.50
4 Tai Barrymore 81.50
5 JP Solberg 78.00
6 P Adam Crook 70.00
7 Christian Allen 66.75
8 Evan Walls 62.75
9 James Campbell 61.00
10 Kris Atkinson 60.50
11 Jon Anders Lindstad 59.50


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