Dosch Doubles Down, Winning BMX Dirt Finals and Dew Cup

Brandon Dosch led the BMX dirt finals from his first run to his last, winning the Dew Tour Championships title by a two-point margin with an average score of 92.62. Needing two solid scores to claim the win, Dosch never earned less than a 91.13, besting his own runs every time he dropped into the dirt jumps.

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As the third rider of the finals, TJ Ellis quickly set the tone of the night by cracking into the 90s with a run that included a front flip tailwhip over the last set. Ellis landed the trick again in his second run, bumping his overall score up to the 90.81 that put him in second place.

Anthony Napolitan also made his return to the podium, cracking into the top three for the first time since 2007. Napolitan gained the early lead with a 360 Superman seatgrab Indian air and a turndown to turndown. He added a 360 triple whip to his second run, and used his strong riding to capture third at the Dew Tour Championships.

Napolitan wore a different Lav's Lab and Horror Project t-shirt for each run, throwing each to the crowd to raise awareness for fellow riders TJ Lavin and Ty Pinney, who are both currently in the hospital from BMX-related injuries.

Dirt rookie Brett Banasiewicz, who won the first two dirt competitions of the 2010 Dew Tour and was leading the race for the Dew Cup going into the night, tried his best to stay on top of the year-long standings. Going into his final run sitting in fifth place, Banasiewicz put it all on the line but he crashed on his cashroll attempt.


1. Brandon Dosch, 92.62
2. TJ Ellis, 90.81
3. Anthony Napolitan, 90.62
4. Gary Young, 90.44
5. Brett Banasiewicz, 90.25

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