Whether you're diving into the water, jumping out of a plane or just out skating with your homies you want to capture the moment. No matter what that moment is the iON Air Pro™ 2 is ready for it. This fully waterproof camera, with its 180-degree field of view is fully equipped to take on the harshest waves, the biggest snowfall and the sunniest days. Get the complete camera breakdown plus see it in action below!

Manny Santiago, nosegrind

The iON Air Pro™ 2 is available with or without Wi-Fi, with the option to add Wi-Fi at any time, so you can upload your footage on the go with the real time shoot and share capability. Its ultra-light weight makes it easy to take with you anywhere and the strong battery life makes for hours of fun without having to recharge. The one-touch function allows simultaneous camera start and record with one push, so you won’t miss a beat!

  • Available with or without WI-FI: iON Wi-Fi PODZ™ accessory (included with the iON Air Pro™ 2 Wi-Fi) offers real time shoot & share capability
  • 14MP Sensor
  • 180 Degree Field of View
  • Highest megapixel camera on the market, 14 megapixel stills
  • Capability to attach external microphone
  • Ultra-light weight of 130 grams/4.06 oz
  • 2.5 hour battery life/1800mAMP
  • Waterproof, does not need any additional waterproof casing
  • 8 GB of cloud storage

Wondering how easy or complicated this camera is? Check out how it works below.

Watch the video below with iON team athlete Manny Santiago and friends testing out the iON Air Pro™ 2 while getting their first skate session in on the Dew Tour City Championships street course in San Francisco, CA. 


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