In his first season of riding dirt, Kyle Baldock came back from seventh place in his last run to take home the win at the Dew Tour Championships.

He stacked his final run with tricks, even beginning with a barspin drop in, and it won over the judges to score a 91.25 overall average.

Check out Baldock’s run

"This stop I had a hard run this morning, crashed and got hurt pretty bad," Baldock said. "But all my sponsors helped out today, got my shoulder massaged, and then I had to come out and do it again. I ended up coming in first, and I didn't think that would happen at all. To win is crazy."

Ben Wallace took over the lead after a perfect first run with a 360 double downside tailwhip, but he got the wind knocked out after a nasty fall on his second run. But he brushed himself off and came back with a final run that ended with a triple tailwhip and earned him second place with an overall score of 90.01.

Brett Banasiewicz threw down massive front flips throughout his runs, and a cash roll to finish off his final run. He was favored to win the Dew Cup, but really needed a win to pull it off and he finished third with 89.25.

Dennis Enarson has been competing on the Dew Tour for five years, since he was 16-year-old grom, and this season he took home the Dew Cup in dirt.

"For a while I didn't think I'd ever get the Dew Cup, I was just hanging out in 10th place," Enarson said. "But this year it just happened to work out and it's insane."

Enarson is a threat in both dirt and park, and he competed back-to-back in both finals today. This is his first Dew Cup, and he finished the competition in fourth after having some trouble on his first two runs.

"Dirt is such a crazy discipline where different people win every time, and to average out in first for the whole year is insane."

Kyle Baldock, Flipwhip

Ben Wallace, 360 Lookback

Brett Banasiewicz, Cash Roll

Dennis Enarson, Suicide Double Truckdriver

Dennis Enarson

Fans showing support to Dennis Enarson

Brandon Dosch, 360 Lookback

Mike Clark, 360 1-Footed Nosedip

Chris Doyle, 360 Invert

Anthony Napolitan, Turndown Backflip

Gary Young, 360 Tailwhip

Luke Parslow, Turndown Backflip

Josh Hult, Double Tailwhip

Cory Nastazio, 360

Cory Nastazio