Brett Banasiewicz, 2nd; Daniel Dhers, 1st; Andy Buckworth, 3rd

Daniel Dhers is back on top of the Dew Tour podium after his win in a BMX park final that was full of such progressive riding from all of the top guys that each run seemed unmatchable. The guys were throwing down so hard the lead was passed back and forth throughout the heated finals.

But once it was time for Dhers to take his second run, he asserted his dominance with a 720 tuck on the long box, a double whip on the barrier and a 360 double whip on the spine with a slight bobble that really set him on fire for the end of the run. He did a 720 barspin can can, 360 tail tap on the fence, a flairwhip and no-handed can-can whip on the gap to finish with 90.50.

dhersDaniel Dhers 360 Whip Backwards Over the Box

Brett Banasiewicz was second with 90.38 and Andy Buckworth was third with 89.63. It was a tied score for third between Buckworth and Drew Bezanson, but the tiebreaker went to Buckworth for his higher second score.

buckworthAndy Buckworth 360 Downside Double Whip

From the start of the event, it was anyone's win after Dennis Enarson took the lead with a huge tailwhip transfer, a cannonball and a backflip tailwhip that he landed sprocket.

Next up was Buckworth, whose run included a 900, 360 double downside tailwhip and a ridiculous Superman frontflip to become the new leader. He's one of only three guys can do that trick, and the only one that has it on lockdown.

Then it was time for yesterday's BMX dirt champ, 15-year-old Banasiewicz. He managed to take the lead away and bump into first as well, and his run included a corked out 720, a frontflip no-hander and a tabletop flair. He came back in his second run with a corked out 720, a frontflip no hander and a tabletop flair. He had two slight bobbles in his second run, but it was better than his first and he increased his lead before ultimately being bumped into second by Dhers.

banasiewiczBrett Banasiewicz Frontflip No-Hander

The last time a BMX athlete won or podiumed in two separate disciplines at the same Dew Tour event was in Cleveland in 2007. That athlete was Ryan Nyquist, who placed first in dirt and second in park at the time.

It was one of the closest finals in BMX park history, and given the progressive riding and the level of talent on the Tour, it's only going to get more heated as the season progresses. Next up is Salt Lake City for next month's Toyota Challenge.


1. Daniel Dhers, 90.50
2. Brett Banasiewicz, 90.38
3. Andy Buckworth, 89.63
4. Drew Bezanson, 89.63
5. Mark Webb, 88.13

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