The new Dew Tour launched last week in Ocean City, Maryland where the Pantech Beach Championship showcased three new events, brought back six spectator favorites all while simultaneously stepping up the Dew Tour Experience with greater vendor booths in a much larger arena – don’t forget the nine musical acts that kept the Dew Tour energy high into the night!


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Looking back, Dew Tour saw a record setting 93,000 fans throughout the weekend, broadcasted ten hours of action on NBC and NBC Sports Network plus launched Dew Tour Live online bringing 20 hours of competitions, athlete interviews and behind-the-scenes extras to computer screens everywhere.

In case you weren’t able to keep up with all the activity as it unfolded, below is brief sum-up of all the different events with links to the individual recap articles, photo galleries and video highlights as they occurred at Dew Tour!

Skate Bowl Legends Jam
Kicking off the new Dew Tour were the men that shaped transition skateboarding competing in the Skate Bowl Legends Jam. Although the competition was anything but light, the win was evident and Chris Miller maintained his title as best in bowl with giant corner airs and backside lipslides in the deep end complimented by bluntslides across the middle section.

“Because I do get nervous, it gives me a lot of energy which is good and bad. I was just saying to myself ‘be calm’ and that was what I did. Once I made two runs, I was like ‘okay, now I can relax and try to go bigger,'” said Miller. That was exactly what he did. After his second run Miller locked in the highest score of the night which carried him to the win and a victory lap.

1st Place – Chris Miller
2nd Place – Christian Hosoi
3rd Place – Steve Caballero

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Surf Expression Session
Returning to the Expression Session was last year’s winner Evan Geiselman and older brother Eric. With a family title to defend, both brothers surfed hard searching for the perfect bump to pitch them into first place. In the end the title remained in the Geiselman family, this time thanks to the elder Geiselman.

Still stoked and fresh out of the water Eric had this to say, “The energy was definitely here. We didn’t have much for waves but the boat  was here giving us waves. I’m just stoked to come out with the win – it’s cool to get the upper hand on my little brother, too!”

1st Place – Eric Geiselman
2nd Place – Nate Yeomans

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Skate Vert
Skate Vert saw a repeat win as last year’s defending Dew champion, French Canadian Pierre-Luc Gagnon, came out on top with his best run scoring an 88.50. The technical line started off with a kickflip mute to fakie leading to a switch heelflip frontside 360 right into a 540, which was eventually capped off with a hurricane.

“I was just out there having fun. I had a super solid second run, and that is what I was looking for, so when I came into my last drop I just wanted to try and go bigger and some stuff that I hadn’t tried all weekend,” said PLG still out of breath after running back to the top of the deck. Speaking volumes of his competitors, PLG acknowledged his competition, “They are all super strong and there is a lot of young talent coming up, so I just have to stay on my toes!”

1st Place – Pierre-Luc Gagnon
2nd Place – Bucky Lasek
3rd Place – Sandro Dias

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BMX Vert
Jamie Bestwick came into Ocean City with huge alley-oop 540s, opposite flairs, fastplant flairs and flair downside whips, all of which played a role in putting Jamie in the top spot with a 92.75 and his eighth Dew Tour Vert win. Never one to disappoint, he just came out and did what he does best.

"I don't know where that third run came from but I just wanted to put something on the board so I didn't leave Ocean City without putting down a run. Hat's off to Vince tonight, he was my champion," said Bestwick.

1st Place – Jamie Bestwick
2nd Place – Vince Byron
3rd Place – Simon Tabron

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BMX Mega 2.0
With the first-ever BMX Mega 2.0 competition came a nail biting biting finish where Zack Warden took the final run and threw it all on the line in order to take the win. Warden sent a backflip bike flip 360 to a triple whip on the quarter for a score of 91.63, which tied him with Chad Kagy. In the case of a tie, the win is decided by the second highest scoring run.

“There was a lot of pressure going into the last run. I knew either way I was on the podium, so I just went for it and it all worked out,” said the still ecstatic Warden as he hopped off the podium.

1st Place – Zack Warden
2nd Place – Chad Kagy
3rd Place – Vince Byron

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BMX Park
In the BMX Park finals the man of the hour was Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz. If there was anyone that deserved to win it was the young gun from South Bend, Indiana. By laying down the biggest tricks of the weekend, Banasiewicz was able to take home his first-ever first place finish in a BMX Park competition with tricks like a cash roll down the step-down, a 360 triple tailwhip and a huge frontflip no-hander up one of the biggest competition step-ups ever ridden.

Brett explained his strategy like this, "I wanted to ride my third run hard because I kind of knew that Scotty wasn't going to take his final run, but I didn't want to take a chance and I just stayed on my bike as long as I could."

1st Place – Brett Banasiewicz
2nd Place – Kyle Baldock
3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer

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Skate Bowl
As some expected, Pedro Barros returned to Ocean City ready to defend his title as beach bowl champ. Following the first two heats of skating, mother nature decided to step in and play a part in the outcome in an attempt to turn the beach skate bowl into a swimming pool. Eventually a group decision was made by the remaining five skaters to cut the competition short due to rain fall. Looking back on the skating in the first two heats the winner was clear – Barros did it again.

“I was stoked with whatever happened in the results, but I wish we could have skated,” said Barros happily with trophy in hand. Barros went on to mention his feelings about the location, “This is my second year [skating in Ocean City], the second year I won – I’m stoked on this place!”

1st Place – Pedro Barros
2nd Place – Bucky Lasek
3rd Place – Ben Hatchell

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BMX Flatland
In the final round of the first-ever BMX Flatland battle style competition, Matthias Dandois went up against Terry Adams in an all-out throwdown for the top spot. Terry rode solid with some bunnyhop tailwhips and crazy combos that only he can do, which really put the pressure on. Unfortunately for him, Matthias rides incredibly well under pressure and went out there to take all with his smooth, flowing style while putting on an amazing show for the crowd.

"Flatland is a part of the BMX family and it was great to be with everyone and hang out here at the Dew Tour," said Matthias.

1st Place – Matthias Dandois
2nd Place – Terry Adams

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Skate Mega 2.0
Capping off the new Dew Tour was a third first-ever event, Skate Mega 2.0. With true confidence, 12-year-old Tom Schaar launched a frontside 180 melon over the gap and spun a seemingly easy 1080 out of the giant quarter pipe to secure the top spot and an unforgettable moment in Dew Tour history.

“I think it is a little bit easier to throw [1080s] on Mega 2.0 because it is easier to grab your board,” said the modest Schaar. Speaking volumes about the his competition, Schaar went on to note the difficulty of his competitors final runs, “It was insane that Elliot put down a tail grab 720, which I don’t think anyone has ever done before on Mega 2.0 – it was so gnar. Then Bob did a backflip over the gap to a 720, it was insane!”

1st Place – Tom Schaar
2nd Place – Elliot Sloan
3rd Place – Bob Burnquist

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To find all the video highlights and in individual runs visit the Dew Tour Live YouTube channel!