So listen up, this will be the 7th year the Dew Tour will be taking over Portland and it's time to mix it up. We all love the classic favorites in Skate and BMX, but it is time to include unique features and new competitions that will give you that same feeling as when you got your first set of wheels, whether they were two or four…

Bringing back an old-school classic and one of the most original forms of skating, Dew Tour is adding Skate Bowl. The best part about it is Bucky and company won't need to sneak in and out of backyards draining swimming pools like the legends did back in the day.

When it comes to the street skating, there is just something about concrete that wood couldn't ever compete with. These new elements have the guys amped up and ready for the first skate street comp of the season. For the riders, BMX dirt has simply been a launching pad of progression, unleashing tricks never seen before. In 2010, Brett Banasiewicz unveiled the "cash roll" a brand new trick for the BMX dirt discipline. All we're saying is this is going to be like no Dew Tour you have seen before, but hey, we'll let you decide.

– EP