First look at the new and improved Dew Tour Skate Street Course for this years Portland Invitational. The Dew Tour rolls into Portland, Oregon with the first "Skate Street" event of the season, the goal was to create a modern, street-inspired course that would continue to complement the Dew Tour's unique contest format – a combination of a timed run and an organized jam session.

In line with the street plaza movement, concrete is an integral part of this course and allowed the design to transform into a work of urban architecture. The course features the defining elements of a downtown plaza, while maintaining the perfect kind of flow that makes the Dew Tour events so fun to watch.
Anchoring the center of the course is an extra-wide staircase supported by concrete hubba ledges and a handrail, both inspired by real-world scale found in the streets. Landscaped planters and grass gaps add to the architectural aesthetic of the course, while providing exciting opportunities for big, crowd-pleasing tricks. An array of hips, ledges, manual pads and smaller hubbas and handrails round out the course, creating a near infinite number of lines and combinations.

Skateboard Street Rendering 1

Skateboard Street Rendering 2

Skateboard Street Rendering 3

Skateboard Street Rendering 4

Catch the Skateboard Street Finals, live on NBC Sports, Saturday August 13th. Check your local listings for tv times.